Saturday, June 12, 2010

Alvin Greene and the Democrats

What do you get when your primary constituents are the uneducated and ignorant?

You get a political win for the nominee at the top of the list that no one knows and is possibly a criminal. The criminal part makes him a perfect fit for congress.

The Democratic party is beside itself because of Alvin Greene's win in South Carolina. No one knows just how he won, considering he didn't campaign in any way. He paid to get his name on the ballot and won.

The only reasonable explanation is that people voted for the first guy on the list, which was Alvin Greene.

Reporters have even talked to people who said they voted for him and none of them were able to give a reason why.

You have heard me complain that too many people go to vote who have no clue who they are voting for or, if they do know, why they are voting for a person. Too many people go to vote for who their best friend tells them too, their parents tell them too, or their favorite cable talking head tells them too.

My family is firm conservative and I constantly have to battle with some of them to not listen to everything Rush or Hannity say.

I tell you my person struggle lately is this: Was only allowing home owners to vote a bad thing? Is there something similar that we could do to prevent the idiots in our country from having a say?

I do not like having these thoughts. It makes me feel like an elitist and believe me I do not feel elite. I heard Michael Savage say that the strength of your vote should be tied to how much you pay in taxes.

I DO NOT agree with this.

Warning: These are thoughts in my head that most I have thrown out because I see they are flawed. I just want to share my thoughts and see if any of you have some of your own.

But what if we could come up with a way that prevented those who want a hand out to not vote. What if you couldn't vote unless you paid taxes? What if you couldn't vote if you were receiving welfare? What if you couldn't vote till you were 25? (this would let the college kids get deprogrammed and get a taste for the real world before deciding our countries direction)

Hmmm, it seems that all of my suggestions would get rid of the majority of liberal voters.

The truth is that I don't want any of those suggestions to come about. I just want people to educate themselves on issues before they vote. I find it frustrating to see that idiots like Alvin Greene can be elected with no effort. I find it frustrating that Obama could be elected with no experience and that people voting against a guy not running can control this country.

I have a problem with communism being okay and their convention playing on CSPAN. I have a problem with American teachers preaching hate to their students and calling for America to give back stolen land from Mexico with out being fired. I have a problem that its okay to brag about being a thug, druggy, or all around douche bag.

These are the types of things people are referring too when they say they want their country back or that they want things to go back to the way they were.

I have a problem with a lot of things these days and I am worried. We are threatened from abroad, next door, and within our own country. Something is going to blow and I don't know if we can stop it.

The start would be to make sure you and your friends know why they believe in one thing or another. Do not let anyone say to you that they believe this or that with a challenge on why they believe it. If they say its because they heard it on the radio or TV then tell them to verify it. If they say they saw it in an email, beat them with their computer.

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