Monday, June 14, 2010

Anti Saloon League the same as the NRA??? Rachel Maddow thinks so

I am on the road again and the only upside is that I get to watch what ever I want and that means news. Since I already know what Fox News is going to say I often watch MSNBC to see what idiotic things they are saying.


Rachel Maddow compares the NRA with the Anti Saloon League. The Anti Saloon League is the movement that pushed for the prohibition amendment.

Her argument is that there are groups that have a multiple mission and groups that have one mission. She describes the NRA as a group that wants guns for everyone including people on terror watch lists, criminals, mental patients, etc......

Common idiotic statements from an anti gun nut. This is the first time I have not only disagreed with Rachel but also found her dumb. I have always held her at a higher level than Olbermann. I hardly agree with her, but she is usually pretty honest. At least when I have watched her.


She proved today that she is willing to say things that are knowingly false in order to make a point. The sad thing is that I still can not even figure out how she came to this comparison other than to find a way to make the NRA look bad with beer drinkers. As if some idiot is sitting there drinking his beer, with his NRA hat on his head, and watching Rachel, he will hear her comments and say to himself, "NRA is equal to the Anti Saloon League  therefore the NRA is anti beer". He then rips his hat off and throws it in the trash, sells all his guns, and joins the Brady campaign.

lol, okay, maybe that is not what she was hoping. I am the only idiot NRA member watching MSNBC and it just pissed me off.

I was watching live so there is not video available to embed in this post. I will post the video as soon as it comes available.

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