Monday, June 28, 2010

Teacher Chides Girl, 12, for Wearing Mexico Shirt in School, Activist Says

Teacher Chides Girl, 12, for Wearing Mexico Shirt in School, Activist Says

For right now this is all speculation but if it is true than the teacher SHOULD be in trouble. To attack a 12 year old is ridiculous and cowardly. I have no problem with the first part of the article, my problem arises at the bottom when they say that,

Lizette J. Olmos, communications director of national LULAC office, said that the case was important not only because it showed racial animosity against the student but because of the rising tide nationally of hate crimes.

There are many things I have a problem with when we talk about Mexico and illegal immigration or drug smuggling. My main problem is that it has anything to do with race. It has nothing to do with race for the majority of Americans who support the law. It has to do with Nationalism and culture.

Mexican is not a race. It is a term that defines the population of Mexico.

Their is no defense against Arizona's right to pass laws against illegals nor its right to defend itself against drug smugglers and kidnappers. So the activists who want open borders have to attack us with accusations of racism.

What that teacher did was wrong and he is ignorant, but it is the manifestation of frustration based on the federal government's inaction. I fear there will be more, because we all know that America has no shortage of ignorance.

There is a difference between Americans who love this country and illegals who want our freedoms but don't want to pledge allegiance to the American flag and be law abiding citizens. Hell there are Americans who don't even want to do that.

To all of those people I bid them ado, both citizens and not, don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

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