Monday, June 28, 2010

Second Amendment vs Supreme Court

Ruling is in and it says YES the Constitution applies to everyone. Unfortunately, it was a close one with a 5-4 vote and I am sure you can guess who voted which way.

Celebrate but don't let you guard down. Just because Obama is not openly coming after guns, there are plenty of libs who are. Daly, the mayor of Chicago, new this was coming and has openly been looking for ways around it. There are even reports that he has gone to the UN to take our guns away. Michael Bloomberg, the mayor of NYC, has created a group of Mayors across the country trying to take away our best means of defense. His group is called Mayor's Against Illegal Guns, but just like so many titles it is not just against illegal guns and its charter would take away guns from everyone.

Fortunately, Bloomberg's lies did not last to long and the honest mayors backed out of the group when they found it was targeting law abiding citizens as well.

Keep up the good fight and make sure to educate yourself and your friends.

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