Wednesday, June 23, 2010

General McChrystal

General McChrystal has submitted his resignation meaning he was fired by the President.

The talking heads are sticking to the political talk with Liberals being for the President and the Conservative being for the General. Nothing surprising here. What is for sure is the military veterans that have been interviewed know McChrystal messed up and that the President has every right to fire him. I agree.

McChrystal had a lapse in judgement talking openly in front of a Rolling Stones reporter. The President has to show that he is in charge and will fire anyone of his subordinates who speaks out against him or anyone else in the chain of command.

McChrystal is a bad ass so he will be alright. I would say he has a future on the lecture circuit and writing a book. He also has a political career waiting if he wants it.

I think the President, General McChrystal, our troops, and America are the victims here.

The reporter from Rolling Stone made us weaker today. Nothing he reported was ground breaking. He did not uncover corruption or a crime. He played gotcha and caught a General making a snide remark that was inappropriate, but only if repeated to the ENTIRE WORLD. The only one who won in this situation is Rolling Stone, the reporter, and Al Qaida. Congratulations you worthless piece of shit.

This reporter could have tucked these statements away and wrote a book in a couple of years. Not as glamorous or edgy but it would have been the PATRIOTIC thing to do. But what should I expect when our society is all about the individual greed regardless of who is hurt in the process.

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