Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Glenn Beck on SB1070


Fluffy said...

I'm unmoved one way or the other. I was hoping to hear from those in the audience but if there was audience participation in the original broadcast, it wasn't included here.

I don't value Glenn Beck's opinion/contribution on any issue, but unlike some of his other clips, this one didn't get my blood pressure up:)

Warthog said...

You will see that there is a new post with the legal immigrant panel.

Glenn Beck is not for everyone. You have to appreciate honest research, understand the differnce between opinion and fact, and you have to listen to him when he says look it up yourself.

That is one thing I don't understand about Beck haters, he doesn't tell you what to think like Rush, Hannity, Olbermann, or Maddow. He present videos and writings of people he thinks are going to destroy this country. He then shows how they connect with each other, the president, and other politicians.

He is an admitted concervative and makes not appology for it. I agree with more than 75% of what he says and I continually challenge anyone to argue against his arguements. Ytraps has done the best when he showed that an example Beck gave was not the average scenerio but the worst case. Beck wasn't wrong, but he wasn't painting the whole picture.

So far that is 1 misstep out of thousands of things Beck has said on radio, tv, and in his books.

I have even done google searches looking for people who might be arguing against Beck, but was unable to find anything that resembled an arguement. All simply called him names. I am going to call that a Beck win.

Fluffy said...

Don't be surprised one day if your opinion of GB and Sheriff Joe changes.

In the meantime, I continue believing a smart guy like you is just kidding around about your admiration for those guys:)

Warthog said...

Of course my opinion of them might change, because they might change. I never believed that so called flip flopping was bad. As information changes your opinion should as well.

But thanks for proving my point. You do not like Glenn Beck but you offer no arguement against him. I know your arguement against Sheriff Joe and I spent a lot of time debunking most of the crazy things you said he was doing.

Just be honest, you don't like Joe because he is tough on crime and criminals are just misunderstood people with feelings too.

Here are our main differences Fluffy.

I want someone tough on crime and who tells things like it is. I want equal punishment for crime no matter who commits it.

You want someone who says they are tough on crime but takes individual situations and bases toughness on that. Sort of a motherly figure who really knows why someone did what they did. It makes you feel good because you are caring for someone who you think is just in need of a little understand and maybe some TLC. Very noble but unfortunatly very naive.

I will admitt that I see the world as mostly black and white, while you see it in mostly gray.

The gray part is what is going to distroy the world, because bad people play a lot better in the gray area than the good people do.