Thursday, May 6, 2010

Proud to be an American

This article makes me sick.

I don't know what else to say.


Fluffy said...

I don't know how you took it but I would say the educators were probably just trying to show sensitivity and respect to those students celebrating Cinco de Mayo. In light of the social controversy in the news about Mexican immigration I can see how they were trying to do something to show respect, but instead their result was to screw the whole thing up. Let's not make something intended to be good--to show respect, an attempt to show sensitivity to those who may feel disenfranchised, become some evidence of an anti-American and/or anti-patriotic philosophy on the part of our public school system. They screwed up--absolutely, but I believe intentions are what is more important here. Their intention were good even if their results weren't. Don't be sick. Be patient. We all screw up.

Warthog said...

No suprise the Queen is defending this and no suprise that the school is in San Fran. Maybe if people stopped calling the kids Mexican-American and just American they would feel a lot less offended. Either way San Fran and the principle of the school get the $1.25 award.

Fluffy, why is it that we need to protect the feelings of people not of this country or whos allegiance is not with America and no one seems to give a shit about the feelings of AMERICANS? Ever wonder what AMERICANS think or is that just too patriotic a thought for liberals and thus stomach turning?

Fluffy said...

I thought I had made my position clear but perhaps not. I didn't defend the school's actions. I disagreed with their actions but I said I understood what their intentions might well have been. I was providing another way to look at it which might prevent others from interpreting this incident only in the worst way possible.

I used to be in HR and one of the hardest things to create was a climate of mutual respect. Most people don't understand what respect means and what respect doesn't mean so lots of mistakes are made and will continue to be made by all sorts of people.

Having and showing respect is not a weakness but a strength. It is also an important component in successful dealings with all people under all circumstances.

Warthog said...

So the answer is just to hug it out? That would be great if it worked. We could all ride unicorns and slide down rainbows too.

The point is that they immediately took the UN-American side in the arguement.

My point is that too often and for too long people have been taking the un-American point of view. Burn the flag, don't say the Pledge of Allegiance, America is bad, America just wants to rule the world.

It is time to stop feeling bad about being American, stand up for Americans, and take some pride in our accomplishments instead of constantly lamenting on what we did wrong or is interpreted as being wrong.

Ytraps said...

The decision made by the principal was poor and incorrect. Regardless of the "intention", the fact of the matter is that the principal promoted hypocrisy over all else--he took away the rights of one group to appease another group afforded those very same rights.

From now on, all pictures or portraits of white Americans must be removed from display during the month of February. (We need to ensure that others know we're serious about respect.)

All enterprises who regularly play Christmas themed music have been ordered to cease and desist completely during the Hanukkah celebration.

Imported goods, including beer, will also no longer be able to be sold on July 4. Other holidays may be subject to this rule as well--pending.

Asinine, really.

Our defenders never take a day off from their job--the symbol of their sacrifice should never either.

I don't give a damn what your skin color or heritage is--in the borders of our country, I certainly believe we owe them that respect.

Fluffy said...

“Liberty finally exists when the recognition I give you does not subtract something from myself.”~ Richard Sennett

Ytraps said...

Well put, Fluffy.....Liberty would have existed if the principle hadn't taken anything away.....