Thursday, April 22, 2010

Arizona's Immigration Reform Bill

This bill is putting Arizona on the map. The question is is that good or bad? Our State Senate has been getting things done lately and I like it. That does not mean I like everything about this immigration bill.

I would really like to see some things in there that would help prevent abuse and my hope is it will not be as easy to question people's status as walking up to them and asking for ID.

But, if a police officer, during the normal performance of his or her duties comes across someone who has no ID and no way of verifying ID then that person should be held.

I would not be happy with cops walking up to groups of people and just asking for ID for no reason.
Being in this country, no matter what you’re reasoning, is illegal. We are now making it so that can be enforced, which is extremely odd.

We Americans feel guilty for our success so we tolerated the immigration when it came to work. I, for one, never had a problem with the hard workers coming over and getting jobs. These are the people talked about when anti enforcement people talk. What they don't talk about is the fact that Arizona's crime rate has sky rocketed and Arizona is a leader in kidnappings. Not of Americans, but of illegal aliens.

Border states also have a high rate of auto theft, drug crimes, and the southern desert is plagued with bicycle graveyards, garbage rivers, and rape trees. These things are not talked about much and never on the news.

Hell, immigration lock down should be done to protect the nice illegal immigrants from coyotes, drug lords, and rapists. Women coming across the border always get birth control shots so they don't get pregnant when they are raped while cross. Not IF they get rapped but WHEN!!!

I have sympathy for the working immigrants, but they have to suffer because of the bad guys coming over and because they are breaking our laws. Laws that are no different than anywhere else in the world including Mexico.

We Americans are taunted as racists for wanting to lock down the border all the while every other country has always had their borders locked down and still do. We are taunted only because it works. The same reason people protest America for defending Kuwait, but don't protest Iraq for invading. Or Russia for invading Georgia. Or N. Korea for building nukes. The list goes on and we get all the crap because we actually care what people think.

So what is your opinion? Do you think we should continue to do nothing or should the governor pass the bill and we see what happens?

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