Thursday, April 8, 2010

Stupid People Giving Gun Owners a Bad Name

Not an hour after I post about Arizona passing the concealed carry bill and we have a report of an idiot gun owner. This story is so amazingly stupid that this guy not only deserves to never be allowed to own a gun again, but he should be beaten repeatedly out back of the court house.

PD: Man arrested after discharging gun inside Walmart

Reported by: Samantha Fitzgerald

EL MIRAGE, AZ -- A west Valley Wal-Mart customer was arrested Thursday after accidentally firing a round while playing with his pistol inside the store.

El Mirage Police Department spokesman Robert Peoples said officers were dispatched to the store near Thunderbird and Dysart roads after a call came in that shots had been fired.

While officers were en route, they discovered no one had been injured and that the store manager was standing with the suspect.

Peoples said the suspect was identified as 30-year-old David Walters, of Surprise.

During the officer's investigation, witnesses said Walters entered the store carrying a semi automatic pistol in a holster.

According to witnesses, Walters continually "messed" with the gun while it was in the holster. He would reportedly holster and un-holster the gun, which made the other customers and employees nervous.

As Walters stood at the electronics counter talking to the clerk, he pulled the gun out of the holster and thumbed through some nearby magazines, Peoples said.

The clerk said she was afraid that she was about to be robbed. She notified the store manager of the situation after Walters left the counter.

Walters reportedly approached the checkout lane and while standing at the end of the counter, he pulled the gun out of his holster again.

Upon pulling the gun out of the holster, a magazine dislodged and fell on the floor.

Peoples said Walters picked up the magazine, placed it back into the gun, manipulating the gun as if loading the weapon.

While he was doing this the gun discharged and sent shots into the ceiling.

Walters was arrested and booked on six counts of endangerment, disorderly conduct and discharging a weapon within the city limits.

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