Thursday, April 8, 2010

Liberal Protests

The Tea Party is constantly berated by the left for being racist, homophobic, and down right mean to poor people.

I watch the videos and I see grandmas and grandpas, upset about the direction of the country. I have yet to see a video that changes that opinion and I have tried to find one. If you have one please send it to me.

While you are at, find a video where the Tea Party protestors are yelling racist comments at black congressmen. All while hundreds of cameras were rolling to catch the antagonists strolling unnecessarily through the protestors. Not one video has come forward and there is a 20,000 dollar reward.

Hell when I first heard about the comments I thought, "It's a shill, planted by the left". I was apparently wrong and it was a story made up by dishonest congressmen.

So, I have posted many videos of the Tea Party and feel free to go back and watch them. I now post a video of a left leaning protest made up of all the favorites, code pink, truthers, hippies, and other America hating groups.

Tea Party protests celebrate the flag, the protesters in the video burn the flag. Pay little attention to the individual interviews, because you can pick out enough individuals in any crowd and make the entire group look nuts. Pay attention to the speakers. They are the leaders and their words are what the crowd is cheering for.

Finally, I ask you, "If you had only one choice, which group would you rather be a part of?"

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