Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Did MSNBC get something right?

Watch the video and decide for yourself, but for me, it changes my opinion of the people behind the bill, but not the need for something to be done.

It is another reason to fear the profiling aspect of the bill, as this would appear to be the intent of the people Maddow brings to light.

As this issue continues to draw both sides of the media to fight for what they believe, we can expect to see more villains brought out from the shadows. This is good, because WE, the average American, need to know who these people are and not allow them to control our views. This goes for both the left and the right groups.

Just because you agree with someone on certain things does not mean you agree with the them on all things. For example, I agree with a lot of conservative values, but I do not consider myself a Republican. I agree with the Tea Party on government spending but do not belong to the Tea Party and I believe in a woman's right to choose but loath most other liberal values.

Being anti-illegal immigration does not make you a racist even though racists are also anti-illegal immigration.

I am not sure what this means and I am sure getting fed up with this crap. Racism, liberalism, big government, and all the other bullshit going on in this country makes me want to stick my head in the sand and join the other idiots who have no clue about what is going on in the world.

Knowledge may be power, but it's also stressing.

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