Thursday, April 15, 2010

Libs jumping the Gun cuz the puppet master said dance

Queen of the Dirty Libs posted a comment on the health reform post stating that Fox News was not a news organization and the Huffinton Post had a video to prove it. In addition, Glenn Beck said he was an entertainer so that proves it too.

Glenn Beck has always stated he was an entertainer and not a politician. I would argue he is a political commentator, but if Bill Maher and they guys on comedy central can call themselves entertainers then Beck can too.

Here is what was reported by the renouned highly respected and completely honest Huffington post, I just puked a little in my mouth. This has all the libs licking their chops ready to take a bite out of Fox News. Spit it out libs, again you all saw dinner but forgot who was cooking.

Here is Bill O'Reilly's rebuttle.

Now if you want to play the gotchya game, Bill did say NEVER. But I think that is splitting hairs and obviously not going to get you far in this arguement.

So you libs out there, I applaud you for keeping people honest. I have no problem with that, but make sure you keep your facts straight. It took me approx 5 minutes to find information disproving the Huffington Post claim. Is it to much to ask that you verify your sources before you start blasting out false information. Some day you really will have something important to say and no one will pay you any attention.


Anonymous said...

I'm a little nervous if you don't see this as some heavy-duty spin, my friend.....interestingly, I think the Fox rebuttal helps to prove the Post's shows clips of the President and the Speaker directly responding to questions about jail, and if you'll notice, neither of them will use the word in response.....because as you and I know, some words trigger strong responses in people. The Democrats politically chose not to use the word "jail" because of the outcry it could have created.....and I believe Fox's opinioneers chose to use the word "jail" on those numerous occasions to do the exact opposite--to strengthen the outcry. You can call it news, you can call it commentary, you can call it the end though, as they constantly remind everyone, it is an organization that is kicking other networks' tails in the ratings, because it's the best at what it does--strike fear into the hearts of many so that they'll feel like a child lost in the woods if they're not constantly up to date on the "truth" that they can "only" get from them.

Warthog said...

Don't you see the lack of politicians using the proper term as being unable to adress their own bill. Was jail time in the bill? Yes it was, Obama did not deny it but didn't want to come out and say it because it would piss people off.

So who is being more truthful at that point?

It is just like the other things in the original plan, just because they removed them later does not make the reporting at the time inaccurate.

Regardless, this post was meant to show people that they need to get the whole story before jumping on one persons smear campaign.

I am all for using hypocrit's posts against them, but make sure you are not being had before you make the statements.

Matt said...

"Americans are now being lied to on a regular basis. A voter-driven republic can't survive if lies supersede the truth." Bill O'Reilly--04/15/10

Fluffy said...

I'd rather be Queen of Wrapz than Queen of the Dirty Libs,

Hey, I think you missed the point. A while back you had a post about whether or not Fox was a real news organization. I said no and wrote about how once Fox news began to back a political movement (for or against the government) they took themselves out of the legitimate news business. My latest post further illustrated how badly they are at reporting on the news--even when they make it. O'Reilly's ineptitude in that clip with Coburn I thought made that very clear.

O’Reilly could have spoken about the timing and the context of the remarks when he had Coburn on (if that is the defense.) He didn’t.... See More... See More

Instead O’Reilly just flat out denies anyone at Fox ever said such a thing, claims he and his team had researched when they hadn’t, and throws down a challenge to Coburn to name names. O'Reilly not only missed an opportunity to inform and enlighten, he lost some credibility.

(By the way Neil Cavuto said he researched it and a number of Fox personalities had made that comment.)

My point can be simply put like this....If I owned stock in Fox, I wouldn't own stock in Fox:)

Warthog said...

Okay, to make nice I am willing to concede that Fox News is not a news organization during prime time, as long as it is conceded that no CABLE channels are news organizations during prime time.

But, you posted this video and sent it to me to discredit a person falsely. He was answering an attack made a week ago and you attacked him with videos from a year ago.

His answer was correct when put into the context of Fox News claiming people would go to jail under the current bill. That would be false.

But when Fox News pundits made the claim a year ago, it was in the bill and the claims where true. Just like other things Fox News commentators talked about that are not currently in the bill, like single payer or so called death panels.

This is unfair and ridiculous propaganda. As I said in my post, if you find someone misrepresenting and have proof I am all for calling them out on it. But stretching the truth and trying to play gotchya doesn’t work for me.

I appreciated you letting me know so quickly, because I was able to stop the other libs I know from spreading this crap around.