Monday, April 12, 2010

Went Shooting This Weekend

MediumX and I went shooting out in the Arizona desert this weekend. We went to our usual place and low and behold it is now state trust land and there is a sign that says no target shooting.

We tried our damndest to figure out a way to call what we planned to do something other than target shooting and just couldn't come up with anything that sounded even reasonably plausible. So being the good law abiding citizens we are, we set off to find a new place to shoot.

If you have lived in Arizona and been a shooter, specifically on Phoenix's east side for a long time you will know that there used to be hundreds of great places to shoot within a very reasonable distance. These have been closed down by a number of things and while I would like to blame it all on liberal anti gun sissies, I think the blame falls on the idiots who can not shoot responsibly.

Like so many things in the world, the idiots ruin it for the good guys.

There used to be a place out by the river just past Usery Pass shooting range. It was this huge pit that was a couple 100 yards wide and at least 75 yards deep. Plenty of room for lots of people to line up their cars unless it was busy, plenty of room between shooting parties.

When it was busy it took a lot of awareness and being a good neighbor to keep things safe. I do not remember there ever being a problem and even remember walking around and looking at each others guns.

You might even find some guys making trades and upgrading each others collection. Just good American fun if you ask me.

That all ended while I was in the Air Force. Two idiots got in a gun fight. From what I was told, second hand mind you, one guy decided to shoot another guys target. Big no no, but not something that should lead to a duel. Long story short, site closed and now no one gets to use it.

We found a spot after a couple of hours, but I now have to drive an hour east from Chandler to go shooting in the desert. Rediculous!!!

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