Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I do not care about your politics.

What I do care about is your inaction and your being a sheep.

Did you vote in 2008? Did you get yourself educated on the issues, especially the presidential issues? Did you listen to what your loudest friend said or did you read up on things yourself?

I believe every group has a person in it who guides the groups politics. If you are lucky, you have two people of opposing views in your group.

Can you be that person? If not, can you break yourself from that persons control and educated yourself?

This doesn't mean you have to join the debate or challenge your friend. Not everyone can handle the confrontation.

Just don't be the person who did nothing and then bitches about the out come or the person who listened to their friend and turns out you don't agree with them at all.

Don't listen to what politicians say or what the advertisements say. Look at what the politician has done because it is a good indicator of what he will do. If he used to be an alcholic, make damn sure he shows proof that he is no longer an alcholic. If he used to be a radical, make sure you are satisfied with what moved him to the center.

Watch out for key words politicians like to use. Military service does not equal qualification to represent you. It doesn't hurt, but service alone does not mean a thing when it comes to their political beliefs. If it did, then all politicians who served would say the same thing, be in the same party, and wouldn't have any competition from a fellow military veteran.

This goes for political party as well. Just because someone belongs to the same party you do, does not mean they are the person you would want representing you.

It is also important to know that just because you are registered to a particular party does not mean you have to vote for the person in that party. If you are a Republican you can vote for the person with a D next to their name.

Register to vote, educate yourself on the issues, debate your friends, and generally let your voice be heard. Please, if you do not educate yourself, then just stay home. You become more of a problem when you vote blindly. Just stick your head back in the sand.

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