Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Warthog's Little Friend

Warthog decided to become a man toady. Unfortunately I think he hurt somebody's feelings. I intercepted this Blog post today before Warthog could delete it.

I don't understand! I thought we were close and that you loved me. Remember all those arguments we had with your friend. I heard you say how great I was, and how a 1911 wasn't all that good. I hold so many more rounds than that stupid gun. How could you want a weapon design that hasn't changed in a hundred years! I know you can carry a 1911 with the hammer back and ready to go, but you can carry me that way too, and its almost as safe......I thought we had something special, but I guess not.


Your little Italian friend

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Warthog said...

Dear Little Italian Friend,

While I understand how your feelings could be hurt, the arguement of capacity vs knock down power was all but abated when they started making better rounds for you to spit at people.

I still hold to the fact that I would rather have a large capacity with good rounds vs so called knock down power with minimal capacity.

You will remain next to my bed as always and the 1911 will be stowed for play and shtf situations.

The real villian is Ramrod since he is the one who got to make the call on the side arm while I won the call on the rifle.

I am sure you can forgive him since he gave you the gift of a bright red laser grip, so no hard feelings.

Unlike Ramrod, I will not sell my first gun like he sold Buckwheat!!!