Thursday, April 8, 2010

Concealed Carry passes the legislature

It will soon be legal for law abiding citizens to carry a fire arm concealed on thier person without a license, the governer just needs to sign off on it. There are limits on where a nonCCW card holder can take their gun, but for the most part anyone who open carried can now put on a jacket or wear their shirt untucked without fear of breaking a law. Women can carry in their purses without breaking the law.

Not everyone agrees with this bill including pro-2nd amendment people. So sound off on your views and maybe we can change some minds!!!


Parrothead Jeff said...

I'm happy for Arizona and I wish Nevada would follow their lead. If a firearm can be carried openly, why not concealed? Covering the gun won't change the character of the person who carries it.

Congrats, Arizona!

Warthog said...

Thank you for the comment Jeff.

Anonymous said...

I am so unhappy about this law I do not know where to begin. I do believe there is a difference between open carry and concealed. It takes a certain amount of confidence and guts to open carry. On top of that, you can spot someone who has a gun on thier hip and watch them for idiotic moves and be aware. My main concern is people not understanding the legal implications of brandishing a firearm. My worst fear is that arrests skyrocket from morons flashing thier gun in the wrong situations or worse yet, discharging their weapons either intentionally or accidently without basic understanding of backdrop or threat levels. Years from now this may come back before the legislature and I worry then about losing my rights to carry because of the idiots that everyone knows are out there!

Warthog said...

Dirty Lib has gone anonymous, but thanks for the comment.

However, I believe you are wrong and that this will change anything. There is enough data to show us that more people carrying does not increase crime or accidents.

Ramrod has already gone over the laws of brandishing and new laws have given citizens even more leyway in when they can show and draw their weapon.

I do not see this law driving anyone to go out and buy a gun just so they can now conceal carry.

I believe now, the sheeple can now rest easy because the sheep dogs no longer need to have their teeth bared at all times. The wolves will be wolves and this changes nothing for them.