Monday, August 3, 2009

Alumna sues college because she hasn't found a job

A big shining star of a person not taking Personal Responsibility. This is also a prime example of how we have become a society of people expecting immediate results with little exertion.

This woman graduated with a BS in Business Administration in Information Technology 3 months ago with a 2.7 GPA and expected the college to already have found her a job. A 2.7 GPA in college is shit. It is one thing to get that in High School when you don't really give a crap, don't see the point, and are forced to go. But in college you or your parents are paying for college. You should be taking personal responsibility for your education at this point and working hard to better your future.

Even with hard work, you are still at the mercy of the job market. Also, a 2.7 is not average grades. Those are shit grades and I would not even consider you, especially from a no name school. It also helps to do research and she would have learned that Information Technology was all shipped to India. IT is gone in the US, you have to have a degree in Computer Science to get into that industry in the US.

Another argument made by this woman is that the college finds jobs for the kids with a higher GPA first. Is it that they are actively putting forward more effort for those graduates or is it easier to place them? In addition, isn't in the colleges best interest to promote those graduates?

I will end this by expressing my disgust at the entitlement being expressed by Americans today. You are not entitled to anything. Work hard and maybe you will become successful, but that is not even guaranteed.


Jacki said...

Will she sue the media when she can't find a job now that's she's famous for this? Who is going to want to hire someone so litigious?

Warthog said...

Great point Jacki and great word.

Jacki said...

You have to check this out. Can you imagine her resume?

Mike said...

I am so damn sick of the people in society suing at the drop of a dime. Everyone is looking for their paycheck without working for it. GO PLAY THE LOTTERY if you wanna WIN something!!! What will this girl do if she actually gets the money. She will probably waste every penny of it, and then find something else she can sue about a year later. This girl doesn't deserve a job at McDonald's, she probably wouldn't work hard enough to keep it anyway.