Monday, August 10, 2009

Cable News

I find it extremely odd that the country voted in a far left Democrat, yet the number 1 cable news channel is Fox News. The prime time commentators are so far ahead in the ratings that some days you can combine the other three networks and they still do not beat the Fox News program.

I am under no illusion that Fox News is fair and balanced. They lean to the far right (Hannity) and slightly lean to center from there. I am not sure where Glen Beck fits in since he is the only proclaimed Libertarian (I would say middle right) and I have no clue what party Greta claims.

What does this mean?

Talk radio is Dominated, yes with a capital D, by conservatives. Other than NPR and Air America (went bankrupt), I am not aware of any other liberal talk radio programs. After doing some research, Air America was sold and is still on the air but sees little success.

So why is conservative talk radio so successful?

Warning, this is my speculation:

What I get from this is that there are a lot of closet conservatives. One thing I have learned is that libs usually are not afraid to voice their oppinion, but conservatives keep quiet. I think this is because conservative views can often seem selfish and harsh. I consider myself conservative but not religious conservative. There is a big difference!

I believe in people working for what they get and getting to keep what they work for. I understand the need for government but I have a very limited expectation of what they should be doing. I believe charity is a personal preference and not something that should be forced. I feel for kids and the old, but have no simpathy for worthless able bodied adults. I have no simpathy what so ever for criminals and believe it is no ones fault but their own.

So I ask, what happened in 2008. How is it that the number one cable news channel and talk radio programs are conservative, yet a liberal (arguably the most liberal) candidate was elected? Get off the couch, no one is asking you to voice your opinion openly, but get out and vote. Want a conservative but dont like the Republicans, well lets find a third party candidate. Lets vote them hard so our voices are heard. The bad thing about that is it will take a couple of elections to make a difference and we will have to deal with a lib for president for a lot longer. But we could start with our representatives and senators. Start voting in more third party candidates and they will have to get worried about presidential candidates.

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