Thursday, August 13, 2009

Health Care Reform vs Universal Health Care

The hot topic these days in Health Care. I have dedicated a post and discussion to the protesting. Now I want to talk about the legislature. Depending on what channel you are watching and who is talking the numbers for support jump all over the place. The President has even misspoken about his own supporters for the bill. So lets look at the two titles being used.

Health Care Reform vs Universal Health Care

Health Care Reform is a broad term that defines any change to the current health care system. Polling this question misleading and you should watch for the wordings when viewing any poll data.

Universal Health Care is the term generally used to describe the current bill being argued. The politicians have adjusted the name as appropriate to make people forget that it is intended to cover all. This plan would be governed by the politicians and regardless of what is said would be the demise of Private Insurance.

I support Health Care Reform. This means that I do not think our current health care system is perfect and would like to see it made better. I always want to see things made better and so should everyone else. The politicians are not only referring to this current bill as Health Reform all the polls I have seen show ~3/4 support for reform and less than 1/2 for the current proposed bill.

I do not support Universal Health Care. I do not support any legislation that would nationalize any private industry. If I wanted that I would move to Venezuela. We can debate the merits of the bill, but I will not support anything that is government run. I may agree with something in the bill, but the bill itself is a travesty to what I think America is.

We work for what we get and get what we work for. At least that is how it should be.

I would like to debate what people currently pay for health care. Do you pay more for health insurance than you do for your care or home? Is your health not more important than those things? I would also like to be presented an example of a government run program that runs well.

I also wonder if my pay would go up since my company would not longer have to pay for me? It would have to so I can pay higher taxes. (Before you start yelling that taxes will not go up, I urge you to research and find out that they have not yet figured out how to pay for this. They plan to get it passed then will figure out how to pay for it.)

I do not hate the people who want to help everyone. I do feel they are misguided idealists who do not see humans for what they are. We are greedy and opportunistic. We can choose to use those traits to better ourselves through hard work or use them to take from others.

For you who don't know me, I was raised by those people for most of my formidable years. Instead of adopting their views I rebelled against them and vowed to fight them. I grew up with people always complaining about how it was everyone Else's fault, no one would give them a chance, can't find a job because of my criminal record and how the rich had more then they needed and should share. They said all this while drinking excessively, doing drugs, getting into fights, skirting the law, and plotting crime. They came home after getting fired and complained about the boss being a piece of $%^& who didn't like him. All he did was punch a guy in the face for not talking to him properly. The "world is against me"!!!

Liberals, these are the people you cry for. You are shown a mother with two to five kids who look disheveled and hungry and you weep. You are not shown that the woman is a drug addict who lives with an abusive boyfriend. They don't show that the mother sits idly by while the kids are beaten by said boyfriend or she beats them herself.

We all should weep , but not for the mother. We should weep for the kids and then we should have the guts to pull them away from the mother and find adults who will love them. For you Christian Right people I say that even Gay adults are better parents than these people I am describing.

We already have plans in place for people with real need. It is them that we are punishing.


Warthog said...

This comment is a transfer from the Town Hall Meetings debate.

How do we meet in the middle Furbs. How do we solve abuse by insurance, healthcare, and the individual while keeping government out of running our health care?

I believe our current system is why we lead medical innovation and new drugs. Are the companies that create these things not intitled to profite from their creations? Would we continue to innovate if there was not insentive?

Furbs said...

I wouldn't get too worked up about the whole healthcare any REAL meaningful change is highly unlikely. They may pass some kind of bill and try to save face, but my best estimate is that it really won't change much for the average Joe. Basically, the way I see it, both the Repub.'s and Demo.'s are both controlled by those who fund their campaigns and do not really represent our best interests. Think about it: back in the early/mid 2000's, the Repub.'s controlled both houses of Congress, the executive and the Judicial branches. What serious meaningful legislative changes did they enact that made your life better? If they were so serious about the whole abortion issue, why did they not DO anything about it since those that elected them wanted this change? Well, it's because they don't really want to ban abortions, because they like having that issue on their side during the election season. I believe now that the Demo.'s have control, it's going to be the same BS where nothing really happens. The only MAJOR changes for both this administration (and the last) will most likely really benefit only the wealthy elite. Think tax cuts, non-bid contracts, TARP, deregulation of the financial markets, etc. They almost had their way and privatized Social Security ....imagine how that would be right now if that had been invested in the stock market?!?
Those that rule this country really like to control the citizens by keeping them divided by labeling each side as opposed to each other. I would propose that if there were a comparison, Progressives and Conservatives would have more in common than you might think. Sure there are going to be some differences, but if you take away all the BS, misinformation, labels, etc., you might be surprised. I mean, both sides want what's best for America, right?

Warthog said...

I agree with you on nothing getting done. It is why I sometimes start believing in conspiracy theories. I wonder if I am not the idiot.

I am intrigued by your statement that if we compared the issues that progressives and conservatives would have more in common than I think. Well I accept that challenge because I think Progressives are pretty much the complete opposite of Conservatives, at least when it comes to the main stream understanding of the two.

How about this, I will list what I think of when I think of a progressive and you can tell me what you think of a conservative. Since we know each other we should refrain from thinking of each other while making this list. LOL, you should think of Hannity and I will think of Obermann. These are the worst of both sides if you ask me.

Tell me what you think and I will start working on it tomorrow.