Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I have been thinking a lot about labels. I myself call anyone with liberal tendencies Dirty Libs. But the people I refer to as dirty libs are really not that liberal or have varying degrees of liberal tendencies.

On the flip side, I call myself a conservative and I have no clue what people call me when I am not around. But my conservative views are not the same as a Christian conservative. I would not consider myself a right wing conservative but others might.

I could call myself a Libertarian, but now Libertarians have pretty well defined views or at least people have started to define them. I went to a Libertarian meeting back when I was 18ish. I disagreed with a lot of what the speaker was saying so it turned me off. I will probably go into that meeting on another post.

So, were do I fit in? Do I need to fit in?

I read a blog that said that people who carry guns and want a return to the constitution to be right wing extremists. HOW DOES THAT COMPUTE?

Both the right and left have their extremists. The left has ELF, PETA, and Green Peace. The right has abortion bombers and abortion doctor shooters. Some people might include the group Timothy McVey was apart of as right wing.

I believe adding the right and left moniker to the above extremists, somehow lumps everyone together.

Any group that is racist has no part in society. They should have their own label and it should be called “Trash”. This would include any group regardless of color that hates people based on their color.

We can keep the current labels for those who follow blindly and adhere to the party line.

Now for the new labels:

What do we call a person who believes in social programs but also believes in the right to carry a firearm? These are two things that I would not associate to the liberal label. (I could make up a few names, but I doubt those people would like them)

Now what do you call me? I believe in Personal Responsibility and Common Sense.
• I think that a person has a right to do what ever they want to do as long as it does not infringe on the rights of others.
• I believe no one has the right to tell someone who they can or can not sleep with, except for age restrictions.
• I believe that a person has the right to defend themselves, their family, and their property with out fear of prosecution. They have the right to do this with what ever means is available including the use of firearms.
• I believe States were meant to have more power then the federal government.
• I believe in strict laws and harsh punishments. I hate criminals and despise excuses.
• I believe the victim’s rights should take priority over the criminal’s.
• I believe it is not racist to want to lock down the border. This is Protecting Americans and putting Americans first. This is not a job issue either, this is a crime issue. Mexicans both in and outside of the US are the victims of these crimes.
• I am not a racist; I haven’t had a black friend since the Air Force. But I have a lot of friends of Hispanic heritage. I figure this is normal for Arizona.
• I honor hard work and loath slackers.
• I want limited government. I think the individual should be responsible for themselves.
• I think everyone should serve in the military or at least serve their country in some capacity.
• I believe charity comes from the community not the government.
• I believe only those who try and help themselves should receive help from others.
• I believe that all Americans have the right to be armed and that firearms training should be mandatory in high school regardless of whether a person plans to own a firearm or not.
• I think Weed should be legal. I would much rather see most of my friends high rather than drunk. They are much nicer. (I do not use it myself)
• I do not believe America is perfect but I like it better than any other country I have ever lived in.
• I do not think we should go to war unless we go to win.
• I think we should hold the UN to their mandate or refuse payment.
• I don’t think you can talk to terrorists, extremists, or criminals; all you can do is kill them. (I do not find distinction between the three listed)
• I do not believe in torture Vietnamese style, but do believe in psychological interrogation. I also give lea way to those in the field and the heat of battle. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do.
• I am willing to accept the minute loss of life from Tasers, most of which are drug users, in exchange for officer and public safety. (I am a stock owner in Taser because I believe in the product and its life saving and injury reducing attributes.)

(I am sure I could go on and on. I will leave it at this. If you want to know my view on something specific just ask.)

So what should my label be? Am I a right wing nut? Am I just a normal conservative?

I want to create a new party called the Common Sense Party. Would you join?

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