Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Health Club Gunman

A very sad story and obviously a mental person. This story kinda got to me a little more than usual. I think it is because these people were absolutely defenseless and it seems like this guy was looking for easier prey than normal. They were all in work out clothes and didn't even have their phones or wallets on them. I have read a lot about people trying to find a comfortable way to carry concealed while working out, and its kind of a mixed bag. But, If someone at this health club was carrying would this have been a different situation or would it have played out the same way? What if some thing happens while you are out walking your animal or in your driveway washing your car. Just remember this can happen anywhere at anytime, you may not think it will but wouldn't you rather be prepared. Oh yeah and if I haven't had sex in 19 years, I am going to Vegas and getting a hooker.

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Warthog said...

This is a horrible story and what a waste. His excuses are ridiculous and if you are so miserable put the gun in your own mouth. Why take innocent women with you?

As for defending yourself at the gym, I have no clue how it could be done comfortably and discreetly. My realistic world I would have the staff armed in order to defend the people working out.

When it comes to walking the dog, I think you should always be carrying. There are different things that could happen from mugging, to rape, or stray dog attacking.

I would like to use this as an example of why it is important to always be prepared. It is also an example of no matter how prepared you are there is always the possibility that you will not be able to act fast enough. In addition, this man had no criminal record so you just never know when someone is going to snap. The bad people are not always easy to spot.