Friday, August 14, 2009

A Sign That Said To Much

HAGERSTOWN, Md. - The Secret Service is investigating a man who authorities said held a sign reading "Death to Obama" outside a town-hall meeting on health-care reform in western Maryland.

The sign also read, "Death to Michelle and her two stupid kids," referring to the first name of President Barack Obama's wife, said Washington County Sheriff's Capt. Peter Lazich.

- This is rediculous. First, Obama was elected by my fellow Americans to be the president. If we dont like the current president what can we do about it? We can work towards his removal in the next election.

I'm not sure the answer to this but, is it illegal to say something like this against the president?

What about another citizen?

Second, saying anything about death to someones entire family is totally wrong and immoral. What would anyone do if some guy on the street said "death to your wife and kids". I know what I would do but I'm not going to say.

So in the end did this guy prove his point about his beliefs on the issue. Absolutley not, I think both sides of the argument probably dismised this guy as a crazy.

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James said...

Yes it is illegal to say it to the president. No it usually is not to say it against a private person.