Thursday, August 13, 2009

Protesters vs. Revolutionaries

Protesters vs. Revolutionaries

I have no problem with protesters no matter what side they are. I may have called Code Pink a bunch of idiots but I never had a problem with them protesting. Oh, I just thought of one I do have a problem with. The only time I have a problem with protesting is when those idiots protest Military Funerals. Hell, protesting ANY funeral is just horrible and is not freedom of speech it is just being assholes.

Protesting is an American Right and I encourage it.


The big hubbub right now is about the man who wore a gun on his thigh to a protest and had a sign that said “Its time to water the tree of liberty”. This guy had balls. WOW

The gun alone is not an issue of mine as it is our right to carry one. I don’t think I would have open carried to an event the POTUS was going to be at, but maybe that makes this guy a better man then me.

The sign was out of line. In my opinion it was a threat. I have run it through my head over and over again. I can not see it as anything other than a threat. Matched with the gun, I am not surprised people are upset.

Now this guy supposedly is from Arizona and belongs to a so called “right wing extremist group”. According to the news the website calls for a return to the values of the US Constitution.


A Question I have been thinking about:

What is the difference between a revolutionary and an insurgent?
• Nothing according to the thesaurus, they are synonyms.
• Is it all dependent on whether the revolution was successful? I think so.

When does one know when it is time to rise up?

At what point did the Founding Fathers know enough was enough?

What is wrong with going back to the basics of the Constitution isn’t that what the so called right wing extremists are asking for?

Is revolution only capable by the right?
• How can the left stand up and revolt when the right has the majority of the guns?
• I guess that the belief that the left are a bunch of wimps went out the window when they started fighting at the town hall meetings.

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Mike said...

First of all i cant believe that these guys on the news program are SO surprised by this being legal.

I can see why the sign was a little bit out there and could be seen as a threat, but I don't see it as one. That in my opinion is free speech because there was no direct names or actions. However I just read in the news and ill get a new post going about it. There was a man in Maryland at another town hall meeting with a sign that said much worse.

I don't think this firearm is necessary for his point to be made, but it is his right. I don't think we always need to push the envelope, which ever side we are on. It pretty much takes away all credibility we have when we go overboard.