Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Man changing magazine shoots girlfriend in head

This a horrible story and I hope the woman is okay.

This is a problem of shooters not practicing safety. With the increase in gun sales and new shooters out there, it is important that people get the education in safety and proper weapons handling. If the Dirty Lib can do it the right way then everyone else can. My biggest fear is that my friends, who I have introduced to self defense, will have an accident. That is why I stress safety and promote training so hard.

This is not a reason to ban guns. It is a reason to make training a requirement in high school.

by Julia Guzy - Aug. 5, 2009 05:20 PMThe Arizona Republic
A 21-year-old woman survived a gunshot to the head after her boyfriend accidentally shot her in a desert area in Phoenix Tuesday evening, authorities said.
According to police, the woman was with a group of friends shooting in the desert along the stretch of 5100 West Carefree Highway about 6:30 p.m. The woman's boyfriend, also 21, was changing the magazine on a .22 caliber gun when he accidentally pulled the trigger and a bullet struck the side of her head, said Officer Luis Samudio, a Phoenix police spokesperson.
Companions transported the woman to John C. Lincoln Deer Valley Hospital where she was able to provide an account of the incident, Samudio said.

Authorities said she's in critical condition but is expected to survive.
Police said no foul play is suspected but they plan on interviewing her further once she recovers.

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