Monday, August 3, 2009

From the Airport Terminal - Tourists in Iraq!?!?


We have tourists in Iraq? Are people actually suprised that something bad happened to them while hiking across Iraq? I am sure they never expected it to be the Iranians who took them into custody, but they had to know they were rolling the dice with the house being heavily favored.

Now, I am sure you hanky stomping libs are going to hate me for my next statement, but I don't care.

Screw them!

Yep that is right, Screw em!

Just like the journalists that went to North Korea, screw em.

We have enough to worry about and wet nursing idiots who go into unfriendly territory is not high on my list. I don't care if there was a high noble purpose, if it wasn't government sanctioned then you don't get support after you screw up.

The world is not all reality TV and happy endings. There are very bad people in the world and Americans have to wake up and realize this. Just read the news TODAY and you will see Iran, North Korea, and Venezuala acting up.

Do you think Obama has the balls to deal with them? I hope he finds some for the Nations sake, but I doubt it.

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