Thursday, January 7, 2010

ATF is inviting Latin nations to boost role in tracking guns

Wow, giving a corrupt government access to our firearm information, that's scary.
I wonder if this is one of the small steps to taking our rights away.
Could this even lead to a nation firearm database....maybe eventually gun confiscation?

The one thing I will be interested in is to see if these guns are coming from the US.


Warthog said...

The article is interesting and a bit confusing. I can not see what the benefit is of the information they are able to get. I would also like to know what information the BATF has and what states provide it.

It is my understanding that "by law" all information given to a gun shop is to be destroyed after the background check is completed. I would like to believe this is true.

MediumX said...

I agree, in that I thought your background check documents were destroyed after a month or two. Maybe they are looking at FFL transfers vs. Actual sales. and if they show not enough sales to match the transfers then there is something fishy going on. Either way there is still a ton of ways to get around all of this if you did want to smuggle firearms.

I just want to know if the accusations of the US supplying the majority of guns in Mexico is true. Also if we are giving Mexican officials the power to search our systems (to a point) then how long till their corrupt government uses it against us.