Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Imperialist America at it again

It was just announced that American military units where setting up bases in Haiti. Just as they did in Indonesia in 2005, the Americans are moving military units backed up by Navy Aircraft Carriers and troops to invade a sovereign country.

The Great Satan again pushes its way into peace loving people lives taking advantage of natural disasters. Fortunately, the noble countries of Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba and many others have decided to not take advantage of the disaster by keeping their resources at home.

People may wonder how the heavily indebted America can fund such a devious invasion, but the truth is it probably never entered their minds. They saw a nation ripe for the invading and never wanting to let a good crisis go to waste sent troops without hesitation. This invasion is obviously racially motivated as the Haitian country is 85% black.

The UN is also planning to invade, but as usual they are dragging their feet, most likely waiting for America to do the heavy lifting.

This just in, the Americans apparently heavily burdened by illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are having to send in Firemen and other units wearing red crosses to supplement the troops. The devious Americans are also reported to be hiding their weapons of war in crates marked food and water. Unexpectedly, the Haitian Red Cross is welcoming the US invasion.

There are unconfirmed reports that the earth quake was created by a form of super duper Thermite Plasma that was painted on a fault below the ocean by Navy Seals.

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