Thursday, January 7, 2010

Obama and Terrorism

I am not on the band wagon of ripping Obama for the most recent incident on an air craft nor for the secret service failures. I do believe some people's asses should have been bitten off and spit out.

That being said, I wonder if Obama's policies toward terrorism are not being shown as weak and that is why we are seeing these attacks. I will with hold judgment for now, but urge everyone to not jump on this band wagon that is all over the conservative media. The real failure comes from our Nation Security Agency that was created to combine information to specifically prevent this kind of lash up. I hold them accountable and think someone should lose their job.

In the words of the coffee covered unnamed officer in Top Gun, "I WANT SOME BUTTS!!!"

When it comes to the Secret Service, these over sights are completely unacceptable and just embarrassing. As far as I know, the President has no control over the their policies and training. I may be wrong about this, but the leadership within the Secret Service is responsible for people getting past them.

We have to be fair in appointing blame and I refuse to blame the guy at the top for every thing that happens underneath him. I said this during Bush's administration, the president has far to much responsibility and can not possibly know everything that is going on.

Hehe, that is why I believe we should bring the power back to the states and lighten federal governments burden. Lets bring it back to basics and have them only take care of our national defense, foreign trade, and international policy.

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