Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I am watching Keith Obermann because I like to torture myself from time to time. The unbelievable statement of the day is: "How much more transparent can the President be?" Speaking on the fact that he has come out and admitted there were mistakes in the system and the fact that he is not afraid to admit these oversights even where Al Qaida can hear it.

So again I point out that Libs believe it is okay to be open with terrorists but not okay to open with the American people when it comes to health care.

I believe the opposite. I don't need to know what the government is doing to keep us safe as long as it is keeping us safe against foreign adversaries. I do not feel bad violating the so called rights of those who would see us destroyed.

I do feel the need to know what my government is doing to change my way of life and take umbrage at the government telling me what to do, how to do it, and when.

I have been watching this show for 20 minutes now and every segment has had something do with Fox News. It is hilarious to me, but not new. I have watched Obermann before and his entire show is aimed at attacking everything done on Fox News. This leads me to believe that Obermann has zero ideas of his own, but has a rebuttal, or so he thinks, for anything someone on the right has to say.

He just stated, "Too much Fox News tonight, well there is always too much Fox News." Funny how right he is. While he was making a jab at Fox News, he was appropriately labeling his show.

If you watch Obermann I would love to hear a case for why this guy is relevant.

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