Friday, January 22, 2010

Obama/Democrat's new strategy

Shit, we lost the health care battle we better go after the banks.

"Everyone hates banks!!!"

We will blame the banks for everything, just like the rich, they are behind all of our countries woes.


This comment is for Rachel Maddow and the Democrats.

I am sure no one is against the banks to repay the money lent to them by the government.

What people are against is raising taxes on companies that will then increase their fees and in essence pass the taxes they have to pass onto the customer.

Damn it; get it through your heads. Make things fair for EVERYONE (rich, middle, and poor), enforce laws, REGULATE BUT DONT OVER REGULATE, and keep your hands out of business (except to enforce fair laws).

Now you may ask, what are regulations and laws you approve of Warthogspec?*
  • Preventing monopolies
  • Common sense laws that prevent companies from taking advantage of people:
    • Truth in advertising
    • Illegally breaking contracts
    • Mandatory plain English contract
    • Lemon Laws
  • Harsher penalties for so called white collar crimes, insider trading, and embezzlement.
    • These crimes cause more damage and more deaths then serial killers and the punishment should be just as severe. 
    •  These crimes often affect MILLIONS of people.
    • Transparency of government and business interaction.
    • There is a “rumor” that the bank’s idiotic business practices with mortgages were due to government interference.
    • Government should not be telling banks to give mortgages to people WHO CAN NOT PAY THEM!!!

*These are just off the top of my head. I am sure I will think of more and I invite you to propose your own.  It would be great to debate what the difference is between reasonable laws and government over regulation.


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