Monday, January 11, 2010

Harry Reid and Race Relations

I have been defending liberals lately and I apologize for it, but this shit with Harry Reid is ridiculous. He said Obama has a chance to be the first black president because he has light skin and doesn't talk ghetto. I have been trying to think of how this could have been said without being offensive, but it is a fact and not easily said.

Every time someone said, "Obama is so articulate, Obama speaks so well" was saying the same thing. I would like to compare it to Clinton. If Clinton had a strong Arkansas accent he would never have become president. So would it have been racist if someone said, "Clinton is a good looking guy with no sign of a red neck accent"?

I understand the negative connotation attributed with anything close to the N word, but black sounds just as bad, and I can not stand adding any thing to American (i.e., African American, Mexican American, Italian American) I am not Irish American or Norwegian American. I am American and would love to have any American of any heritage join me in being just an American.

Also, Clinton's comment that Obama would have been getting Kennedy and him coffee a couple of years ago does not seem racist at all. Everything I have read on Clinton clearly shows he is not a racist and was a strong opponent of racism. What I believe he was refering to was Obama's lack of experience and was speaking to his hirer qualifications as an assistant rather than the leader of America

Racism is alive and well. I am sure it is no where near what it was back in the 60s and earlier, but I do fear it has gone more underground. All you have to do is go online to see racism. I just experienced it last night while playing Call of Duty. My friend and I signed into a game and immediately were welcome by a guy who was berating someone because he was black. I will not stand for this online, in my home, or in my presence. My friend and I started making fun of the red neck who then started calling us Benedict Arnolds to our race. Can you believe it? We, however, did not let up and he finally shut up.

I sincerely hope that all people regardless of color stand up against bigots and racists. Do not let a racist comment go unchallenged. As I said before, I will not tolerate it in my home from friends or strangers. I have kicked people out of my house on multiple occasions and even dumped a girl who said it was justified that her brother was a racist because of where they grew up (some southern state). I do not accept this as a viable excuse. I have also lost a close friendship with a cousin because her husband is a huge bigot and thought it was okay to tell racist jokes at family events. We have not talked since I threatened to punch him in the face if I heard him say another racist comment.

Now this is not to say that you can not talk about race. I do not like trash regardless of race. I do not like Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, or whites who celebrate ignorance and violence. That is exactly what this blog is against. However, I do not believe the use of historically offensive terms should be used to describe these people and only make the person using the term look like an idiot.

Trash is trash no matter what the color of their skin is.

So the question to the reader is, "Are you a part of the problem or part of the solution?"

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MediumX said...

I am with you on the race thing, we are only holding ourselves back. I have a friend works with this black guy who first of all hates gays. He will openly call them fags and stuff like that. He also uses the N word in reference to himself or other blacks. But if I used that word I would be a racist, but he can use that and any other word he feels like and nothing will ever happen. Does he not see that there is no difference between what he is saying about gays and what a KKK member says and thinks about him. I wonder if people will ever realize that they are stopping everyone of us from moving forward in culture and as human beings. And reverse racism and affirmative action is almost worse than racism itself. Haven’t we taught our children that to rights don’t make a wrong, the golden rule and many others. I didn’t have slaves, nor did my family (at any point). But why am I punished for it? Is it because I was born the way I am, much like the black man, the white man, the Indian or the gays, lesbians and bisexuals.

Oh an one last thing about the guy my friend works with, I was telling them that if they ever gets either the balls or the motivation to quit. they should walk in to their bosses office and tell him/her that his racial comment offended them. I would love to be a fly on the wall for that one. But think about what would actually happen….