Monday, January 18, 2010

The Gun Control Arguement

This may be easy pickings but this kid has multiple videos on youtube. He is uneducated, unless you consider watching Michael Moore as an education. He is also hilarious. This kid spouts every ridiculous anti gun argument ever created and says it with a straight face.

He quotes numbers from CHINA!!! China has gun control and there are no deaths. LMFAO......He is probably wrong, but I am sure the numbers are low. UNLESS, you take into consideration the governments shooting civilians. But who cares about them.

Also, if there were no guns you would have no deaths. Every once in a while he says no deaths by guns. LOL, he could be right. No guns no gun deaths. No guns more knife, bat, brick, hand, bow and arrow, hatchet,etc deaths.

Suicides - People who want to kill themselves do not decide to do it because they have a gun. They use a gun because they decided to kill themselves and the gun is the easiest method. If they didn't have a gun they would move down the list. Not sure what is the next easiest, but I think I would do pills and vodka.

I did not put this up hear because this kid is any threat. What I posted this for is to point out how dangerous Michael Moore is with his fake documentaries. I trust that this kid with grow up and one day be supremely embarrassed by this video. I know a lot of former liberals who are embarrassed by their former naive views.

Maybe we should change the legal voting age to 30? That is a joke but only sort of.


Anonymous said...

Someday this guy will be put in a position were he will wish he didn't say all of this about guns. Why would anyone want their rights taken away? There are many people in the U.S. who own guns and are not killers. This guy thinks everyone who owns a gun is a criminal. This guy needs to spend some time in Africa were he will see what it's like not to live free. Better yet lets send him to China where there is gun control and will see how he likes that.

Warthog said...

It amazes me how naive people are and how they can take the word of Michael Moore, but not learn from history.

By the way, there are very few people who are killers (wolves), but there are a huge number of people who are defenders (sheepdogs). Unfortuantely, the sheep out number the other two and are scared and timid.