Monday, January 4, 2010

Follower's comments to WTF!!! part 2, and my response

This is in response to a comment on my previous blog post. You should read that post before reading this one. 

To WTF #2: I didn't heard that "Obama ordering an attack on Yemen soil." So when I read your post I did a WTF??? I clicked on your link and it clearly says Yemeni Security forces did it; which is significantly different. You are right, the link I posted was about the most recent Yemeni (?) government actions. It was a week or two prior that a prediter drone was used to launch a missle at some bad guys. When I first read the news on Dec 24 everyone said US drone, now I find a bunch of conspiracy crap. Either way, the point remains the same.
That is the way it should be, with the US supporting and backing such efforts. I'm all for the US playing THAT role--it's the right role and the way that works best. But when I read your take, I wondered if this is the difference between us (me being a dirty lib and you my staunt conservative Republican friend.)
I would love for countries to take care of their own. I think they should be the first line of defense.
 By the way, my husband says we should just use Tomahawk diplomacy. Close all the military bases (save billions of dollars) and just build several floating aircraft carriers to deploy Tomahawks when needed:) a
If it was feasable it would be great, but when you think of global politics and economics you get a real quesy feeling about how fragile the whole damn thing is. If we took an isolationist attitude we would all have to live different lifestyles.

WTF#3: I agree 100% about the blame, unless of course the state was waiting on funds for approved projects that never got funded. (See, there might be other things at play here that add to the blame.
There is the catch. Who is responsible for your own safety? Theoretically, we elect our officials with the hope that they will take care of the every day issues and lead us in case of an emergency. The way I see it in New Orleans is that the blame should start with the individual and roll up through local government, to county, to state, then to federal. There were multiple areas hit by Katrina but all we talk about is New Orleans. WHY? Because they were the least prepared and saw the highest deaths and destruction. I am sure there are people who could surmise the cause better than I but this is how I see it. Everyone who lived in New Orleans new they lived in a bowl. This bowl was dry with water all around it. Yet they failed to get out at the first warnings. They also relied on government to save them even after they failed to heed the warnings. The other areas that were hit, took care of each other and did not wait for government to save them. I think both a news worth and should have been studied. We have a lot to learn from the failures and the successes.   
I think I know what you would do if US Marshalls ordered you at gunpoint to surrender your weapon. You would follow the law and surrender your weapon, because you of all people don't like law breakers. You have told me such when speaking about illegal aliens.
You missed the whole point of my statement. You say I would follow the law and the law states I have a right to possess my weapons. The US Marshalls broke the law by taking the guns as proven by the court order. They took peoples gun when they needed them the most. They left law abiding  people unable to defend themselves. At what point do you say no?

WTF?? #4 - My favorite of your WTF moments. In school, history was never a subject I liked. Just as you say, much of the history we learn is so boiled down, we don't get much out of it or learn the back-story which is where the most interesting informative and teachable parts are. As for the man in the bookstore, I am reminded that the glass is indeed half full:)
History is very important to me and believe we do our children a great disservice by holding back the horrible acts that created the world as it is today. We need to show all sides of history and do it as impartially as possible. For every horrible act there are the victims and perpetrators, but there are also the rebels who either argued or fought against their own people. We are taught that Germany is responsible for the holocaust in school. It wasn't till I studied on my own that I found out that not all of Germany was for it and some who rebeled against it. The same goes for taking land from the Indians and enslaving Africans. Knowledge is power so gain as much as you can, read as much as you can, and never let a good debate pass you by. 

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