Monday, January 18, 2010

Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas

Proof that being tough on crime works!!! Good job Mr. Thomas!

Gonzalez - Jan. 18, 2010 12:00 AM
The Republic |

The Valley saw a 38.5 percent drop in the number of reported vehicle thefts for the first half of 2009, Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas says, a decline he tied to more vigorous police investigations and prosecutions.

Valley police agencies reported 7,492 vehicle thefts between January and June 2009, which was a sharp drop from the 12,190 reported in the same period in 2008.
The decline is important, Thomas said, because the sour economy has families relying more on their vehicles.
The largest declines were in Mesa, at 44 percent, and Phoenix, at 40 percent.

Other communities with declines included Chandler, 39 percent; Tempe, 35 percent; and Glendale, 31 percent.

In the past three years, Thomas' Bureau has prosecuted 4,700 people, with a conviction rate of 95.5 percent.


James said...

Ok, now that I figured out I wasnt getting the updated blogs, I can again post some of my comments. Sorry it took so long , but I was just catching up with some of the blogs I missed.

This county attorney has very little to do with this decline in crime. As most know I work primarily in an area dominated by "undocumented workers". I have seen a dramatic decrease in the numbers of these people in the past 18 months or so. In my opinion most of this decline is because of two things:

1. The construction work dried up. I'm not saying all illegals work in this field however, this has a trickle down effect. No construction workers, no food vendors, not as many customers in food cities (I have seen two of these stores close) etc.

2. The employer sanctions law and the general public outcry has scared a lot of them out of Arizona.

If anything, this CA has devestated the way our courts work. His constant bickering with the county supervisors and especially the court system has created an almost hostile working enviornment in the courts. I wish I could tell you that the courts are impartial and would never dare hold a grudge against prosecutors...but thats not true. I've seen it. And dont forget...that conviction rate is for plea deals too. I know that some of my cases have been plead out, for less time in jail I might add, becausecertain prosecutors don't want the cases heard in front of certain judges.

Think about this. Why is crime dropping in this down economy? Crime should be out of control with people out of work and government programs being cut, right? But no, ALL crime is down, not just property crime but violent crimes as well.

I do not think that illegals are the only ones committing crimes. All I know is what I see every day.

Warthog said...

James I think you should be ashamed of yourself for trying to blame “legally challenged life forms”, of less opportunity than you, for trying to live the American dream. It’s the hostility that these people find upon arriving in America that drives them to lash out and break laws that really aren't laws simply guidelines, well not even guidelines more like suggestions, not suggestions but misguided qualifications, no, wait, what?

Your attempt to blame "transborder fulltime tourists" for a higher crime rate is clearly an indication that you are a racist and hate all people with hair. I can not sit back and allow you to soil the name of these "border disinclined" people.

You may produce facts that show that as "internationally ambiguous" people leave, crime goes down. But I challenge you with heart felt emotion and irrational facts that show that crime went down because carbon emissions went up, which caused a heating of the earths atmosphere, which made it just too damn hot to commit any crimes. Duh, that why Al Gore got the peace prize.

James said...

I hate you sometimes.....

Warthog said...

But you love me all the time!!!