Thursday, January 14, 2010

Getting Bent Over (It Pisses Me Off)

The news today is that the DemocRATS are one step closer to fully f*cking all hard working Americans while protecting their Unions and dead beats. Hip Hip Hurray...........puke.
Remember the good old days when the politicians had the decency to lie and hide their unconstitutional behavior from us?
Now they think they are so powerful and holier than thou that they can just spit in our eye and say, "what are you going to do about it?".
Short of revolution we can vote their asses out. My states pulling its share but we need hard working people everywhere to get off their asses and vote. Not just vote, but get others to vote as well. No more sitting back and taking what the current voters give you.
Lets list plain and simple how we are being screwed:

1. We haven't even seen the bill. We only know what the Dems have so graciously thrown to us like bread crumbs.

2. Senators who were opposed to the bill were paid off to get their votes. Now Nebraska, Florida and Louisiana have sweetheart deals the other 47 states have to pay for.

3. Republicans have been completely shut out of this process altogether.

4. The unions who back this health care at the beginning suddenly put the breaks on it when their insurance was in danger of being taxed. Now they have brokered another sweetheart deal so the unions are exempt from being taxed until 2017. HOW THE F*CK IS THIS FAIR???????

I am so livid I can not see straight. The hypocrisy has gone too far. If you thought there were radicals out there before you just wait and see. This is going to turn this country up side down.
You can not treat one group of Americans differently than you treat another.
I have to calm down and look at the good signs. There are multiple State Attorneys’ General who are filing lawsuits against the congress for their obvious disparate treatment.

There are already planned lawsuits to send this to the Supreme Court for a ruling on its constitutionality. If you want this in your state go for it. I will choose to live elsewhere. But, do not force all Americans to join in on what is so blatantly a road to failure and corruption.


King of the Dirty Libs said...

As far as that "health care" bullshit going on right now....let's get one thing clear: the majority of progressives think it's a pile of crap. Look at Senator Sanders or Representative Kucinich (who tried to put an amendment on the bill to give the State's the right to choose...which got shot down). we know that most conservatives think it's a pile of crap. so, who does that leave? well, that leaves the sheeple and the sold out politicians, but most of all it leaves the f*ckin' insurance companies who stand to make a shit ton of money off of this so-called bill. What a f*ckin' joke. I'll admit, I had hopes for Obama, but I think he sold his soul to get elected. Hell, I think Ron Paul could have been better, as he might be one of the last non-corporatist Repubs left.

Anonymous said...

Folks this is the road to Socialism, pure and simple. Destroy the economy and then take over. We're almost there. We need to find out what politicians are against this and offer to work for them, however possible. Dad