Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cop Killer Put to Death in Texas' First Execution of Year

 Congratulations to Texas on starting the new year executing a douche bag in the first week. I like to see that it only took 13 years, but would like to see it down to 5 or less. What ever happened to the express lane Texas was talking about putting in for the death penalty?

Feel free to comment you hanky stomping liberals!!!!

Thursday, January 07, 2010

HUNTSVILLE, Texas —  A man convicted of gunning down a Dallas-area police officer during an attempted bank robbery has been executed.
Fifty-one-year-old Kenneth Mosley is the first prisoner in Texas to be put to death by lethal injection this year.
Texas is the nation's busiest death penalty state.
Mosley was condemned for the February 1997 slaying of David Moore, an officer in the Dallas suburb of Garland. His lethal injection was carried out Thursday night after his legal appeals became exhausted.
The punishment had been stalled twice last year by technical issues and court appeals.

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