Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Conservative women vs. Liberal women

I am sure there are very attractive liberal women out there. Tina Fey comes to mind.

But its my blog so I get to post what I want and you are welcome!!!


C Furbs said...

Trying to imply that Ann Coulter is hot...well, that's just down right disrespectful to the men of this world! I think I just puked a little bit into my mouth.

Warthog said...

LOL, she is better than the libs shown. It is funny that the picture they chose of Ann Coulter was not even a good one.

hell I didn't recognize a couple of the conservatives they showed.

But if you watch fox news all the woman, minus Greta, are hot and 95% blonde which I think is wierd. I didn't know there were that many hot lawyers either.