Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Racist Comments - Death Threats - Broken Windows

Not sure what is happening out there. But I do not know what to think.

I believe the death threats and broken windows. People are cowards and doing things solo and in the middle of the night is just the coward’s way.

My first reaction to the news release that racist comments were made to congressmen during the Tea Party protest at the capital building was that there were shills in the crowd who did it so the Tea Party could be blamed.

I can not imagine someone screaming this out loud in a crowd of people who are making every effort to prove they are not racists. I think the person who did it would have been called out by the people in the crowd.

I may be wrong but this is my opinion. I would have called them out.

In addition, I can not find anything on youtube where these comments have been made. These comments were made to prominent congressmen who were walking through huge crowds of protesters. Brave of them to be sure, but are you telling me that none of the news media was with them and would have caught the slurs?

I believe there are racists in the Tea Party but I do not think the Tea Party is a racist group. The left wants to make these people irrelevant and the only way to do that is to discredit them by calling them racists.

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