Monday, March 8, 2010

Protests.............I am Sad

Sometimes I get an idea for a blog post and I think it is great. This one is about comparing the different protests we have had in the recent years and that the Tea Party Protests are not violent by nature. Then I start doing research and it just starts bumming me out. I was going to delete this post all together but I the whole reason I started this blog is to get things off my mind and hopefully get feed back and debate.

The reason I am bummed is not that my premise is wrong. I found only one video that showed any signs of violence from tea party people and it sure wasn't mob violence.

What bummed me out were the idiots from the many many videos I watched. Mostly the idiots from the communist and anarchist protests, but the idiots interviewed at tea parties.

We have talked on this blog about bias and bad journalism so we can always find a racist in all protests and we can hear the town idiot supposedly stating the whole beliefs of the protest.

To be perfectly honest the most depressing thing is that there are people out there that think America, despite who is president, is imperial and wants world domination. I can support the arguement that America does what is in its best interests, but I can not support that we invade countries that do not deserve it. That we slaughter innocent people for the fun of it.

I watched a protest with Sean Penn and he praised Hugo Chavez and Castro. Chavez has not started filling mass graves YET, but Castro has. To praise these people and denounce your own country is horrendous.

These videos are of three protests by different groups. You be the judge of who is the most danger to your way of life.

Communist Protest


Tea Party

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