Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Eric Massa

Eric Massa is a Dem who is against the health care bill. He believes he is being thrown under the bus because of it. You tell me what you think.

This is going to get bigger.

This video will not give you the whole story. It is just a good idea of what he is being accused of and what he considers to be over the top but good natured ribbing.

I was in the military so I know that this stuff goes on and I know that the Navy is probably the worst about hazing and homosexual (not sure what to call it) joking/pranking. I heard from an enlisted Navy coworker that they would initiate a new guy by jumping him, pinning him down across a desk, pulling his pants down, and sliding a hot dog between his butt cheeks. And the Navy wonders why they are represented in the Village People. The Air Force did nothing even close to this. We would duct tape a person to a wall or to the missile rack of an A-10 and hit them with a hose.

Pay attention to this Eric Massa controversy. His crime was telling a bad joke and he was forced to quit. We have other politicians in the news this week who did far worse and only lost their chairmanship, temporarily.


Warthog said...

Or maybe I am wrong. He went on Glenn Beck's program and threw up an egg. So either he is a liar or decided to back off the White House.

Either way, he is part of the problem and not part of the solution to our countries problems.

C Furbs said...

What I heard was that he was against this current healthcare bill (as I am) because it does not include the single-payer universal public option. Also, I heard that he was from the very "red" congressional district in NY and would not "play ball" with Rahm Emmanuel, so he's not going to get the financial support from the DCCC. That's just what I heard on a radio talk show program, so I'm not sure if it's legit or not.
In my opinion, Obama should immediately fire and replace Rahm & Geithner...they are both crooked and corporate whores.