Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Israel is a country that has been under great stress and constant threat since its creation. Regardless of religion or politics these are a people to be admired and supported.

They have fought off mass attacks from their neighbors, Jordan, Syria, and Egypt, not only defending their borders but increasing them by taking land from their invaders. They then gave most of that land back. They also distroyed Iraq's attempt to build a nuclear reactor with a daring air raid.

Israel’s enemies, knowing they can not defeat the smaller country, started supporting and inflaming Palestinians who lost there remaining land when they joined in the attacks on Israel.

Israel has shown restraint in many aspects when dealing with its aggressive and threatening neighbors. At the request of the United States, they stood by idly as Iraq launched scud missles at it, trusting that America would take care of the issue.

Israel is a country that has turned their crappy sand box into a thriving industrialized country. Something none of the other countries, in the big sandbox, seem to be able to do, with the exception of the United Arab Emerits, without oil.

Israel continues to face attacks from terrorists and refuses to back down. Just recently they assassinated a terrorist master mind in a foreign country. They pissed off their allies in the process, by using fake passports from allied countries, but they refuse to bow down to pacifist demagogues who support or are afraid to offend terrorist countries.

Now Israel has to deal with America coming down on them which is empowering Israel’s enemies. Israel’s decision to build in a highly controversial area of Jerusalem may be a bad idea but America’s government should be dealing with our displeasure behind closed doors.

By openly condemning Israel’s actions, Israel’s enemies are taking that as support. They are using it to rally disgruntled poor people to riot and terror attacks are surely soon to follow.

Israel should be proof to the people of the Middle East that prosperity can be had in that area of the world. Beirut used to be called the Paris of the Middle East, before a civil war that destroyed any prosperity in the country. The Palestinians have beach front property and billions of dollars of American aid they can use to build a thriving tourist industry if they can just get past the pity party and hate.


RamRod said...

But Warthog...the only thing Palestine exports is hate. You don't want them to give that up do you?

Warthog said...

I am boycotting Palestinian products!!!