Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Olbermann Hater


Anonymous said...

Apparently, family means very little to this man...

Warthog said...

I thought he covered that quite clearly at the end.

If you are going to bash a group by what you see on video then you should be willing to go to the event.

If you can not see it in person or are not willing too, then don't talk about it till you can.

Anonymous said...

According to that logic, it's probably best that he take a leave of absence until his father passes....because commenting on absolutely anything on any subject could result in his being challenged, to which he may need to decline due to his potentially legitimate desire to spend time with his ailing father.

Instead of using the 3 minutes and 9 seconds of his video calling Olbermann a coward, the author might have accomplished more by presenting telling video evidence from said event that proves the wrongness of Olbermann's original statement....but, as the YouTube generation, we like the flash, we talk about the brash, and bark gets you more attention than bite. The most ironic part of all of this is that the author of this video is hypocritical in nature, choosing to use the tactics he chides Olbermann for in making his own overall point with over-the-top dramatics.

Warthog said...

The whole point of this is that you can not call people racists lightly. I thought the video proved that point. No one is excluding people of color from the Tea Party Rallies. If there are not that many people of color who believe in the Tea Part then so be it. If 97% of black voters voted for Obama, I do not expect to see that many black people at this rally.

But does that deminish the views of people who are at the rally? Olbermann's whole point of calling them racists is because he can not argue their grievances. So he calls them names.

You say show him video, well that is another point. Video is taken by a person and a person has bias.

Go to a rally and see what the mood is. See if you get a feeling of racism. If you are going to stare at a camera and shout that something is racist, based on a video you watched, then you better be prepared to go and see for yourself.