Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Had a nice weekend going. Had date night with the wife, spent a great Saturday with good friends, had Sunday brunch with Mom, worked on the house a bit, and then things turned to shit oh 4pm. News alert saying that Obama had issued an Executive Order stating that health care reform would not pay for abortion. Well there goes the pro life dems.

Later that night, the progressives pushed through a health care only the worthless and hanky stompers want. I have been thinking about this for the past two days. Trying to decide what to write and get my feelings under control.

I say progressives pushed the bill through because there were Democrats who voted no. The ones who voted for the bill are progressive/communists or corrupt politicians who got paid, in one way or another, for selling hard working Americans out.

This bill has been designed to take time to go into full affect. The sky is falling fear is not that it will happen immediately but that it will happen eventually.

There are many things that just happened and most have nothing to do with health care itself.

- Personal responsibility was completely abolished. No longer will Americans have to be responsible for themselves, father government will take care of everything.

- Personal freedom was abolished. No longer does a person have the choice to do what they wish even when what they want hurts no one but themselves.

- America took one step closer to communism as the government now can tell you what to buy. This was not done by raising taxes; this was done by forcing you what to buy. Why? Because you idiots would have fought this if they raised taxes. By the way, taxes are still going to go up.

- Incentive - There is much less now. No need to get a job quickly after college, you can still get healthcare from your parents. What’s even better, with Obama's college reimbursement plan, you can now go to college, put off getting a job for four or five years, and then have your college loans paid off by the government.

- This bill will not be an instant bomb. Obama is too smart for that. This bill is time release and the goodies come slowly, with the debt coming due for the next president which Obama hopes is not around till 2016.

The hard working people of America need to wake up.

I am not talking about the people who already oppose this bill.

I am talking about the people who support it, the people who coddle those people who take advantage of other people's kindness. I am talking about the hanky stomping liberals who can not say NO.

The people who hear a sad story and don't bother to ask why it happened. The people who believe in the inherent kindness in everyone and then get stabbed in the back continuously. The people who are the kindest people in the world, and because of that kindness they are ruining initiative, incentive, and personal responsibility.

You people are needed because you keep people like me from getting out of hand. You remind me that not everyone is bad and that some people actually do need help.

You need me as well. You need me to help you say no. You need me to fight your wars because you never think you will have to fight one.

We, the hard working people of optimism and pessimism, can live together and prosper greatly. But you optimists have to stop trying to save those that do not deserve to be saved. The users, takers, and worthless individuals who need nothing but a swift kick in the ass. They will get to work as soon as you stop feeding them, clothing them, making excuses for them, paying them for doing nothing, and making it easier to not work than it is to work.

Open your eyes and do not allow yourselves to destroy the American Way. The American Way is not "all people are always it equal; it is all people are created (start off) equal".

There are good people who need help and unfortunately they do not get it because of people who abuse the system. The people who abuse the system are greater than the people who truly need it.

Let communities help their people. They know them and can make the decision if someone deserves help. The federal government can not do it.


Douglas Hester said...

Hah. Obama has yet to sign that EO. Looks like the Dem chumps who fell for that got played.

Warthog said...

He signed it today, probably because of everyone making fun of Stupak being a chump.

The paper he signed means nothing none the less. It is nothing more than a shield for Stupak to say he stood up for his beliefs, even though he knew then and knows now that he sold out his beliefs and the American people.

Fluffy said...

You say you're against it but you don't go into the bill itself. What part of the reform bill don't you like? The federal government has the authority to regulate interstate and intrastate commerce (health care is such a business). The health care industry needed some regulations--so does the banking business--will you be opposed to those needed changes as well?

Go through the parts of the bill you don't like one by one. Everything I know about it (and I understand insurance and Medicare well and how they work) was badly needed in the industry. Any state looking to sue the government is wasting tax payer dollars on a merit-less lawsuit. The attorney generals who have declined to be part of the suit should be applauded. Those who think this health care reform bill should look at what it does and what it doesn't do. Most people who are opposed to it can't even understand their own explanation of benefits statements when they file a claim. I'm amazed by all this opposition. It makes no sense, unless of course you own an health care company and liked business as usual. I'm loving getting the banks out of student loans too! Why should the banks be middlemen and make it more expensive? Let the banks think up some more crazy derivatives for the next collapse and stay out of the student loan business.

Warthog said...

As a hard working American Tax Payer I have not had time to go line for line with the bill and do not care to do so.

I know the bill does enough for me to want to kill the whole thing.

1. Makes America a Nanny State - Anything that forces people to do something that only affects the individual earns an automatic no vote.

2. Helps people who don't deserve it - People now get tax money if they can not afford health care. NO VOTE

3. Sneaky piece of legislature - Student loans are now controlled by the government alone. NO VOTE

I am going to answer you direct statements and questions because they need to be addressed.

The regulation of interstate business is the new catch phrase the libs are touting and it is rediculous. Forcing people to buy something is not regulation it is taxation but taxation would not have passed so they did it this way.

I agree that our systems can be improved, but no where in this bill do I see improvements. I see a huge boon for the the insurance industry because their customers are forced to buy their product.


Now the federal government is in the loan business. Tell me how this is capitalism???? WE ARE A CAPITALIST SOCIETY!!!

Capitalism is what made us the greatest country known to earth and turning away from it is what is destroying us.

Fluffy said...

The federal government has always guaranteed the federal student loan program. They didn't just get in that business. The banks do the loan money but they have no risk--the federal government takes all the risks the banks get fees for administration, get to come after you and garner fees in the process but in practice they don't risk any downside whatsoever. The banks loaned out the money- acted as middlemen but now that has changed and it is a good change. The new bill gets the banks out of the picture. It makes the student loan program more efficient when you take out the middleman. The way banks were involved--all upside and no downside--has nothing whatsoever to do with capitalism or a capitalist system. It was more like a hand out to banks for causing more harm than good.

I don't agree that the parliamentary procedure (reconciliation) was anything sneaky. What did you call the same procedure when the republicans used it? I'll bet you that when the republicans get back the majority they won't change that parliamentary procedure one bit.

I also don't agree that legal concepts (on interstate commerce issues)can be dismissed as catch-phrases. The lawsuits filed by some 14 states against the federal government has no merit and the cases will be lost and much money will have been spent. MA has already lost their appeal. It isn't a matter of catch-phrases--it's a matter of legal concepts and laws. Have you read why so many states attorney general have declined to join the lawsuits? Have you researched why they are unwilling to join the suit? Have you read anything on the legal merits of these suits? I'm pissed that our AZ governor is spending money on an such nonsense especially when our AZ budget is such a disaster. It's totally irresponsible.

You don't know what the health care reform bill does and doesn't do - but you are OK with saying we should kill the whole thing?

Are you kidding me?

Warthog said...

Student loans should not have been anywhere near the health bill much less in it.

The sneaky comment was meant for the student loans.

But when it comes to reconciliation, I had never heard of it before it was brought up in this bill. However, my understanding is that reconciliation was created for budgetary reason to prevent the US Budget from ever being stangnated.

Now if no one is complaining then the normal people usually dont get to hear about it.

Previously, reconciliation had only been used for money, never on law. Speaches given by the creator, Sen. Byrd, state that it was not meant to be used to pass law.

So yes, shady!!!

As for the lawsuits, I heard on the radio it was going to cost $7000 dollars, but I never believe any numbers giving by gov. But if we inflate that number like we would the health care bill. 9XXbil - 4tril so about four times the predicted cost is what is speculated. So 4 x 7,000 = 28,000. Lets call it an even $50,000. I and the other conservatives will gladdly pitch in on the costs.

Fighting for what you believe in is never irresponsible. Our welfare programs thta libs like yourself subscribe to only create more problems. Yes some people will fail and some will even die, but the majority will get off their asses and learn to succeed like the rest of us.

Not all will get shinny new cars or live in fancy houses, but they will be sustaining themselves if only you libs will pop the nipple out of their mouths.

Fluffy said...

If you depend on Fox News to get your news you should watch this. Fox News is not to be relied upon for news, but it is entertainment.

"With a deadpan, Beck insists that he is not political: "I could give a flying crap about the political process." Making money, on the other hand, is to be taken very seriously, and controversy is its own coinage. "We're an entertainment company," Beck says. {taken from Forbes}

If you want to see what I mean, Check this out the video half-way down on this page...


Warthog said...

I am not sure how this adds to your arguement at all. I do not believe this debate was about Cable News.

The opinions I gave you were my own and not that of anyone else.

Deflection will not win a debate.

I do have some posts about Beck so if you wish to debate on those feel free.